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Porcelain Bridge

Dental Implants: Rising in Popularity

Porcelain Bridge

A dental implant isn’t the only way to replace a missing tooth. A porcelain bridge can do it but in a different way. A porcelain bridge is made of a metal bridge with a porcelain tooth attached to it. The metal bridge connects to the adjacent teeth for support.

Every porcelain bridge is designed by the dentist at Genesis Dental Esthetics to ensure a perfect fit.

Types of Porcelain Bridges

Three types of bridges exist. The most common one is a fixed bridge. This is one that has a false bridge attached to two crowns that cap the neighboring teeth.

Another type of bridge is called a “Maryland bridge.” It is used to replace a missing front tooth. It has metal wing wires. Those wings attach to the teeth beside the missing one.

The Encore bridge is the third type and has a resin framework. This framework bonds to nearby teeth. After the framework has been implanted, the dentist will place the porcelain veneer where the teeth would have been. When a false tooth is attached to two crowns, the bridge is often called a cantilever one

Reasons for a Fixed Bridge

People get a fixed bridge because they want to:

  • Replace a missing tooth
  • Maintain the shape of the face
  • Prevent other teeth from moving when one tooth is missing
  • Restore speech or chewing ability
  • Improve the beauty of a smile
  • Replace a removable partial denture

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