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Routine Dental Check-ups

Routine Dental Check-ups

Routine Dental Check-ups

For dental procedures and routine check-ups, Pasadena area residents rely upon Genesis Dental Esthetics to help keep their smiles healthy and beautiful.

It is sometimes easy to overlook the importance of routine check-ups. There have been so many incredible innovations in the field of dentistry lately that the simple act of having your teeth examined and cleaned can fall by the wayside.

Top 3 Reasons To Schedule Routine Dental Check-ups

1. Detecting Oral Cancer

Let's get the most serious one out of the way first. Oral cancer is a very serious disease that presents in many ways. If oral cancer is not detected early, it can progress quickly and threaten your life. The good news is that when we discover it soon, it is very treatable.

Our dentist and staff in Pasadena are experts in recognizing the symptoms of oral cancer. When you keep up with your regular dental check-ups, any signs of trouble will be detected early, which dramatically increases your odds of having a good outcome. Even though you may not notice the signs and symptoms of oral cancer, you can rest assured that your dentist will.

2. Cavities

Even though you may be extremely diligent in maintaining a good oral hygiene routine at home, you can still miss spots when you are brushing and flossing. Over time, a sticky film called plaque will build up on your teeth. This plaque is composed of a biofilm containing harmful bacteria. The plaque makes it more difficult to clean and reach bacteria that can damage your teeth and gums. Over time, plaque can accumulate and solidify into tartar. At this point, it cannot be removed without the help of your dentist.

When you keep up with your routine dental cleanings, we can help prevent tartar from damaging your teeth or leading to the development of cavities. You may not receive any warning signs that cavities are forming in your teeth. The first sign is often a small toothache once the cavity has progressed. At this point, you will need to schedule a visit to have the cavity filled.

The good news is that regular dental cleanings help remove plaque and tartar before they harm your teeth and require expensive dental work. We think that you will find that routine check-ups are far less expensive than the kind of work that is often needed due to cavities and gum disease.

3. Gum Disease

When you think of the buildup of plaque and tartar, you usually think of it in terms of tooth decay. However, your gum tissue can also be eroded by plaque and tartar. This leads to an infection that develops where your gums meet your teeth. As it progresses, gum disease causes your gums to pull away from your teeth. Medically, this infection is called gingivitis.

As this disease progresses, it becomes known as gum disease. You will be able to detect problems like bleeding, soreness, or swelling in your mouth. Additionally, gum disease can cause the bone holding your teeth in place to begin breaking down. Patients may notice that their teeth are becoming loose or completely falling out. At this point, drastic methods will be necessary.

Regular dental check-ups help to ensure that we can catch problems like gum disease when it is just developing. This spares you further expense and discomfort down the road.

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