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Gum SurgeryPasadena, CA

Gum Surgery Pasadena

Gum Surgery

Gum surgery can be intimidating or scary for any patient. If you're suffering from inflammation, infection, or your teeth are decaying under the gums; the trusted Genesis Dental Esthetics team provides gum surgery in Pasadena.

We strive to provide the most effective and innovative dental restoration techniques, where each patient' health and comfort come first. Gum surgery is a dental procedure often used for those who suffer from Periodontal Disease. Often referred to as "gum disease" bacteria, infection, and bone decay are common signs that you're in dire need of the right dental treatments. Untreated, the periodontal disease not only attacks the teeth and their roots, but also compromises the jaw's bone structure. Once progression has reached a catastrophic stage, other treatments become more painful and costly as the structures within the gums must be repaired.

Do I Need Gum Surgery?

Gum surgery is recommended when we are unable to reach the deep pockets under the gums for the removal of bacteria and calculus. A minor surgery, our highly-trained dental professionals, will work through the gum tissue into the base of the mouth to prevent tooth loss and other health issues related to chronic infections. Once the procedure is finished, we hope it will promote new growth, leaving you feeling better and preserving your beautiful smile.

We are here to provide excellent care and innovative treatments and provide each patient with the dental procedures tailored to their needs and wants. Don't let gum disease progress into something much more painful; call the Genesis Dental Esthetics team today for your appointment!

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