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Why are my teeth yellow when I brush them every day?

August 15, 2023


Why are my teeth yellow when I brush them every day?

Are your teeth still yellow despite daily brushing? Don't worry; we're all constantly searching for ways to brighten our smiles! Naturally, most of us turn to brushing as our first line of defense. While brushing does help make our teeth appear whiter compared to not brushing at all, it's not a foolproof solution for teeth whitening. There are various factors that can influence the color of our teeth, including genetics, diet or medication. In this blog, we have compiled the top four reasons why your teeth may appear yellow even with regular brushing.

The "oops-I-forgot-how-to-brush" technique

The most common reason for yellow teeth despite daily brushing is incorrect brushing techniques. Inadequate removal of plaque causes staining. To brush correctly, reach every corner and brush for two minutes, twice daily. Brush the tongue to eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth discoloration. Some toothpaste can maintain tooth health while whitening teeth. Look for toothpaste labeled ‘whitening’.

Say no to colorful foods and drinks!

Regular brushing alone may not prevent teeth yellowing, especially when consuming colored foods and beverages. Coffee, tea, red wine, and berries are some of the culprits that can stain your teeth. If you regularly consume these, the pigments in these food items get deposited on your teeth, causing yellow or brown stains. To combat this, make sure to rinse your mouth with water after consumption or switch to tooth-whitening products.

Did you know that the color of your teeth can also be influenced by your genes?

Some individuals naturally have yellow or gray teeth that regular brushing may not noticeably improve. Fortunately, there are safe teeth-whitening procedures, such as at-home whitening strips, that can effectively diminish these discolorations. If you're looking for a dentist in Pasadena who specializes in tooth whitening, Genesis Dental is the perfect choice for you. Our skilled team is committed to helping patients achieve their ideal smile.

Your medication: the culprit behind tooth discoloration.

Certain medications, particularly antibiotics, have the potential to cause teeth discoloration. This intrinsic staining, characterized by a yellowish or brownish hue, can be challenging to eliminate through regular brushing alone. If you suspect that your medication is responsible for tooth discoloration, it is advisable to seek guidance from a dentist like Dr. Ted Baghdasarian in Pasadena. He can offer you valuable insights into the issue and recommend the most effective treatment options to manage and minimize discoloration.

Even with daily brushing, dealing with discolored teeth can be a frustrating and stubborn issue. Fortunately, there are various treatment options available to address this problem. Regular dental cleanings, teeth-whitening procedures, and adopting healthier habits can help reverse tooth staining. If you're unsure about what is causing your teeth to turn yellow, consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Ted Baghdasarian at Genesis Dental Esthetics in Pasadena. Remember, maintaining healthy teeth not only boosts your confidence but also contributes to your overall health and well-being.

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